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Additional Chemical Engineering Questions: The Isomerization of 4-Anilino-4’nitroazobenzene 1. What are the industrial uses of 4-Anilino-4’nitroazobenzene? Who can we sell this chemical to and for how much? Is there a large scale demand for this chemical? If not, can we use 4-Anilino-4’nitroazobenzene as a reactant to create something else more valuable? Are there other flash photolysis reactions that form valuable commodity chemicals? If so, give a few examples. 2. If we were to scale up the isomerization reaction of 4-Anilino-4’nitroazobenzene to make a large quantity of the cis isomer using a continuous process, what would be some of the differences between the large and small scale reaction process? How would the large scale reactor be different? What additional equipment would you need to buy? How would samples be measured? Would this continuous process be safe? 3. Do the kinetics of this reaction change based on the size of the process? Do the kinetics change if the process is continuous versus batch? Why? Determination of the Formula for Copper (II) – Iminodiacetic Acid 1. Iminodiacetic Acid is used widely as an intermediate for the production of herbicides and supplements such as EDTA which supposedly clear arteries. Research the process for making a large scale (50,000 metric tons or more) IDA process and describe how it is made. Cite all sources. 2. Research the potential uses for Cu (II) Iminodiacetic Acid in protein separation. Explain how his complex interacts (such as with histidine units) to facilitate
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Additional Chemical Engineering Questions - Additional...

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