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Socialization: Chapter 3 1/20/09 Human Development Ÿ Socialization=personality + culture Ÿ Nature Viewpoint (Darwin) Ÿ Human Behavior=Instinctive Ÿ Psych compiled list of instincts Ÿ Ex. Economic System = competitiveness Ÿ Problems with instincts Ÿ Does not remain constant in other cultures Ÿ Nurture Viewpoint Ÿ Pavlov’s research on dogs Ÿ John B. Watson - Behaviorism Ÿ Behavior is learned/flexible Ÿ Little Albert (rat = excited => scared) Ÿ Research on Heredity Ÿ Oscar Stohr and Jack Jufe (separated at birth) Ÿ Oscar - Hitler viewpoint, mustache, glasses Ÿ Jack - Jewish viewpoint, mustache, glasses Ÿ *genes play a significant role in defining one’s self image*
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Unformatted text preview: Ÿ Minnesota Twin study Psych approaches to self and social Ÿ Freud’s Components of Personality Ÿ Id = basic human drives (food, water, etc.) (always on) Ÿ Ego = balances with Id society Ÿ Superego = Culture (norms and values) (conscience) Ÿ Relationship between components? Ÿ Ego is a bridge between Id and Superego Ÿ Keeps Id in check Ÿ Development Problems? Ÿ Sociopaths and psychopaths (lack of superego) Ÿ Significance of Freud? Ÿ 1. Society Ÿ 2. Childhood experiences Ÿ 3. People are pulled in two directions...
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