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Socialization: Chapter 3 1/20/09 Human Development Ÿ Socialization=personality + culture Ÿ Nature Viewpoint (Darwin) Ÿ Human Behavior=Instinctive Ÿ Psych compiled list of instincts Ÿ Ex. Economic System = competitiveness Ÿ Problems with instincts Ÿ Does not remain constant in other cultures Ÿ Nurture Viewpoint Ÿ Pavlov’s research on dogs Ÿ John B. Watson - Behaviorism Ÿ Behavior is learned/flexible Ÿ Little Albert (rat = excited => scared) Ÿ Research on Heredity Ÿ Oscar Stohr and Jack Jufe (separated at birth) Ÿ Oscar - Hitler viewpoint, mustache, glasses Ÿ Jack - Jewish viewpoint, mustache, glasses Ÿ *genes play a significant role in defining one’s self image*
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Unformatted text preview: Minnesota Twin study Psych approaches to self and social Freuds Components of Personality Id = basic human drives (food, water, etc.) (always on) Ego = balances with Id society Superego = Culture (norms and values) (conscience) Relationship between components? Ego is a bridge between Id and Superego Keeps Id in check Development Problems? Sociopaths and psychopaths (lack of superego) Significance of Freud? 1. Society 2. Childhood experiences 3. People are pulled in two directions...
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