Chemistry 121 on Nov6 2009

Chemistry 121 on Nov6 2009 - Ionic Compounds Molecular...

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Chemistry 121 11/6/09 Octet Rule – atoms gain, lose, or share electrons to obtain noble gas config. Na   Cl   Na+   Cl Lattice Energy – amount of energy required to separate 1 mole of ionic compound into gaseous io LiF (s)  Li+(g) +  F- (g)      ASD increases, Lattice Energy decreases    Compound Lattice Energy MP Li+F- 1030 kj/mol 845˚C Na+F- 910 993˚ C K+F- 808 858˚ C KCl 701 790 ˚  C Ca2 +Cl1- 2253 SrCl 1- 2127 Sr2 +O2- 3217 2531˚ C Generally, as L.E increases, melting point and boiling point increase. Which has the greatest L.E? Mg 2 +F 1- , Sr 2 +F 1-, Zr 4 +O 2-  answer: Zr4 +  O 2- Molecular Compounds must share electrons! G.N. Lewis Molecular compounds share electrons to obtain an octet.
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Unformatted text preview: Ionic Compounds Molecular Compounds Solid gas, liquid, or solid Brittle soft, pliable High mp or bp low mp, bp Covalent bond: involves the sharing of electrons Lewis Structure: H --- H where each --- is an electron pair +1 +1 In general: Bond length: triple < double < single within same row of periodic table Bond strength: single < double < triple energy required to break the bond How are electrons shared in covalent bonds?-If a bond is non-polar, then electrons are equally shared o Homo-nuclear diatomic molecule o When both nuclei have the same desire for electrons -Polar covalent bond unequal sharing of electrons in a covalent bond....
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Chemistry 121 on Nov6 2009 - Ionic Compounds Molecular...

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