CHM assignment 3 - (1 NH 3 and NH 4(2 BH 3 and BH 4 – 4...

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1. Discuss the bonding in acetylene (ethyne) with the help of a neat diagram showing and bonds. How many and bonds are there in the molecule. σ π σ π 2. C 1 H H H C 2 C 3 C 4 C 5 C 6 C 7 H H H H H Give the hybridization of all the C atoms in the molecule. Give the bond angles, C 1 -C 2- C 3 , H-C 1 -C 2 , C 4 -C 5- C 6 , Give the number of and bonds in the entire molecule. σ π 3. .Draw the 3D structure of the molecule given below. The spatial orientation of the atoms should be clearly shown. Give all the bond angles. (CH 3 ) 2 C = C = C (Cl) 2 4. Discuss the change (if any) in the shape, hybridization of the central atom, bond angle in the following pair of molecule/ion given below.
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Unformatted text preview: (1) NH 3 and NH 4 + (2) BH 3 and BH 4 – 4. With the help of suitable examples bring out the relation between bond order, bond energy and bond length. With suitable examples write briefly on molecules with fractional bond orders and resonance. 5. Be atom has no unpaired electron in its ground state. Yet it forms molecules like BeCl 2. Explain giving the details of bonding in this compound. 6. Give the electronic configuration of the tri- positive ions of all the first transition series elements (3 d series)....
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CHM assignment 3 - (1 NH 3 and NH 4(2 BH 3 and BH 4 – 4...

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