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Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World, Fourth Edition 8-1 Chapter 8 – Evaluating Alternatives for Requirements, Environment, and Implementation Solutions to End-of-Chapter Material Review Questions 1. What is meant by the application deployment environment ? Why is it important in the consideration of a development approach? The application deployment environment consists of the computer hardware (platforms) and operating systems that will support the application program. The new application system may have to meet special design requirements to conform to the restrictions of the operating system and the equipment. 2. List and briefly describe the characteristics that an analyst examines when choosing or defining the deployment environment. Analysts consider the configuration of computer equipment, operating systems, and networks that will exist when the new application system is deployed. 3. Describe the relationship between the application deployment and development environments. The development environment consists of the programming languages, CASE (computer-assisted software engineering) tools, and other software used to develop application software. The application deployment environment, particularly the operating system, DBMS, and distributed software standard, usually limits the choices that are available for the development environment. Companies prefer certain languages for system development, and their analysts are familiar with the features of these languages. As newer languages provide additional capabilities, however, companies may consider different languages for their system development. An analyst should consider both the application deployment and development environments when determining how they will work with a particular application.
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Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World, Fourth Edition 8-2 4. Explain the fundamentals of facilities management. Facilities management is where an outside company takes over the complete data processing responsibilities of an organization. This normally includes control of all of the hardware, programs, and personnel. 5. What is the difference between scope and level of automation? Scope is determined by the list of functions that are included in a system. Level of automation is the amount of computer sophistication and support provided for each function. 6. What is meant by the make-versus-buy decision? The make-versus-buy decision involves determining whether to build a system from the ground up or to buy a packaged solution. 7. Define a packaged solution . Explain what is entailed in the packaged solution approach. A packaged solution is an application program that has been built by a company that specializes in providing computer software for a particular area such as a point-of-sale system. In a strict packaged solution approach, an organization will buy, install, and use the package as is. In a modified approach, the organization may have to modify the package to get it to fulfill the requirements.
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Solutions_08 - Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing...

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