One Page Proposal for the Project

One Page Proposal for the Project - 1 4 Data Collection...

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CSE572 - Project #1 Spring 2010 Reza Zafarani Due: Monday Mar 1, 2010 Submit a one pager report briefly describing the following, 1 Problem statement Describe what you are planning to do in the project. Write a single paragraph about the problem you are trying to tackle (e.g., improving recommendation algorithms for social networking sites) and the challenges that you are facing. 2 Motivation Say why this problem is important (e.g., it improves the accuracy of recom- mendations, which in turn will improve social networking site’s popularity). What are your motivations? 3 Methodology Describe how you are trying to solve this problem. This part must be as technical as possible. E.g., I’m trying to solve this using decision trees.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 4 Data Collection Talk about the way data is collected for your project and also its challenges: Is the data publicly available? Is there an API for collecting data? Any limitations with the API? Any privacy concerns? E.g., I’m planning to crawl Twitter and am going to use its API that allows me to send 150 requests per hour. Some profile webpages are restricted so I can’t crawl them and so on. 5 Evaluation In this section you should talk about how you are planning to evaluate your project. Is there any other project about the same problem and if there is, are you planning to compare your results with what they have? E.g., I’m going to compare my results with the original recommendations of facebook. 2...
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One Page Proposal for the Project - 1 4 Data Collection...

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