synthesis of zinc iodide - Chem 104A Synthesis of Zinc...

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Chem 104A Synthesis of Zinc Iodide Lab Eddie Autz Chem 104A Section 47 Joel Nyberg 9/07/06
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Chem 104A Introduction: The object of the experiment entitled Synthesis of Zinc Iodide is to confirm the law of constant composition and to practice making molar calculations using the experiment data. The law of constant composition states that chemical compounds always contain the same weight ratios of their component elements. In addition we will weigh the reactants and products, and from that obtain a mass ratio for zinc and iodine present in the product. Then to determine the empirical formula we will need to convert the mass ratio into moles. From there we will calculate the experimental yield, which is based on the chemical equation which describes the relationship between the reactants and products in terms of moles. Data: *The data to this lab can be found on the last page of the report. Calculations: Moles of Iodine: (Mass of Iodine sample) x (molar mass of Iodine) = .504g I x 1 mol = .00397mol Iodine 126.9g Weight of Zinc: mass of Zinc sample – mass of unreacted Zinc = .500g - .353g= .147g zinc reacted Moles of Zinc: (mass of zinc reacted) x (molar mass f zinc) = .147g Zinc x 1 mol = .00225 mol Zinc 65.39g Molar Ratio: Moles Zinc = .00225mol Zn = .567 → ≈ 2mol I Moles Iodine .00397mol I
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synthesis of zinc iodide - Chem 104A Synthesis of Zinc...

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