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ME 240: Introduction to Dynamics and Vibrations Mechanical Engineering Department The University of Michigan Fall 2008 Computer Assignment #1 September 26, 2008 (Due 13 th October, 2008 Monday) Question 1: The cargo compartment of a lunar transport robotic vehicle is operated by a cam-follower mechanism which ensures tight containment while at the same time provides easy opening on command. The slotted bar connected to the follower pushes the latch which opens the door of the cargo compartment. When commanded to open, the follower moves along the cam from θ = 0 to θ = π /2 with constant angular velocity ߠ = 1 rad/s about the origin O such that its radial acceleration is equal to – ct 2 where c is a constant determined by the radius r 2 at θ = π /2 and t is the time in seconds. 1 a) Use MATLAB’s ode45 solver to find the cam profile if c = 0.5 and given the initial conditions: θ = 0 , r = 0.3 m and ݎ = 0 . Use the time step of 0.01 seconds for θ in the
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