Practice Exam (exam 2.1)

Practice Exam (exam 2.1) - U NIVERSITY OF M ICHIGAN...

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Unformatted text preview: U NIVERSITY OF M ICHIGAN Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 240 D YNAMICS & V IBRATIONS E XAM #2 M ARCH 31, 2008 11:40 AM – 1:00 PM Instructor: Prof. Kathleen Sienko (Sec. 002) Exam Rules: • Closed book • Calculator allowed • One double-sided 8x11 inch formula sheet allowed • Photocopy of inside-back cover of our textbook allowed • No worked problems • No laptops Final answers must be written in the designated area on each page. No work will be accepted after 1 PM. Show all of your work including intermediate steps. Answers without supporting work (where appropriate) will not be graded. Show labeled coordinate system used for each problem. Problem 1 60 Points Problem 2 40 Points Name ____________________________________________ I have neither given nor received aid on this examination, nor have I concealed any violation of the Honor Code. Signature ___________________________________________ Name 2 Problem 1. (60 pts) Part (a) (6 pts) The disk of radius r rolls without slipping with a constant clockwise angular velocity ω rad/s on a horizontal surface. Fill in the missing velocity and acceleration vector on a horizontal surface....
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Practice Exam (exam 2.1) - U NIVERSITY OF M ICHIGAN...

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