Problem Set 8 - F Also find the vertical forces on the...

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ME240 Fall 2008 Problem Set 8: Due November 7 Problem 1 The 100-kg cylindrical disk is at rest when the force F is applied to a cord wrapped around it. The static and kinetic coefficients of friction between the disk and the surface equal 0.2. Determine the angular acceleration of the disk if (a) F = 500 N and (b) F = 1000 N. Problem 2 The 18-kg ladder is released from rest in the position shown. Model it as a slender bar and neglect friction. Determine its angular acceleration at the instant of release. 1
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Problem 3 Bars OQ and PQ each weigh 6 lbs. The weight of the collar P and friction between the collar and the horizontal bar is negligible. If the system is released from rest with θ = 45 ˚ , what are the angular accelerations of the two bars? Problem 4 The two uniform identical bars are freely hinged at the lower ends and are supported at the upper ends by small rollers of negligible mass which roll on a horizontal rail. Determine the steady- state angle θ assumed by the bars when they are accelerating under the action of a constant force
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Unformatted text preview: F. Also find the vertical forces on the rollers at A and B. 2 Problem 5 The uniform bar of mass m and length L is moving horizontally with a velocity v on its light end rollers. Determine the force under roller B an instant after it passes point C and prior to mechanical interference with the path. At what velocity v will the force under roller B be zero? Problem 6 In an investigation of whiplash resulting from rear-end collisions, sudden rotation of the head is modeled by a homogenous solid sphere of mass m and radius r pivoted about a tangent axis (at the neck). If this axis at O is given a constant acceleration a, with the head initially at rest, determine expressions for the initial angular acceleration of the head and its angular velocity as a function of the angle of rotation. Assume that the neck is relaxed so that no moment is applied to the head at O. a O = a *Problems derived from Meriam & Kraige and Bedford & Fowler 3...
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Problem Set 8 - F Also find the vertical forces on the...

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