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zinc iodide
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Synthesis of Zinc Iodide Lab Parker Ashbaugh Chem 104A Section 47 Mike Spinner 2/7/06
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I. Introduction The objectives for this lab are to react iodine with an excess of zinc to make zinc iodide, measure the amounts reacted, isolate and weigh the product, determine the apparent formula for zinc iodide, and lastly determine the percent yields for the entire reaction. The experiment will proceed as follows. First a .5 g sample of Iodine should be obtained and placed in a test tube, with which 2 mL of water and 4 drops of 2M acetic acid will be added. To this will be added a .5 g sample of zinc. After the reaction a gravity filter will be used to separate the un-reacted zinc. Then dry the un-reacted zinc on a hot plate. Next recover the zinc iodide by heating up the solution. Lastly dehydrate the zinc iodide by reheating and re-massing the crystals to confirm dehydration. Data: *The data to this lab can be found on the last page of the report. Calculations Moles of Iodine: (Mass of Iodine sample) x (molar mass of Iodine) = .5013g I x 1 mol = .00395mol Iodine 126.9g Weight of Zinc: mass of Zinc sample – mass of un-reacted Zinc = .5046g - .267g= .2376g zinc reacted Moles of Zinc: (mass of zinc reacted) x (molar mass f zinc) = .2376g Zinc x 1 mol
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