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Lab3 - Julia Bielaski 0163140 Lab Report#3 PH 327 Objective...

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Julia Bielaski 0163140 Lab Report #3 PH 327
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Objective : In this lab, two special cases of the LCR circuit were analyzed. The first case looked at a RC circuit and the second case looked at a RL circuit. In both the corresponding voltages were recorded at varying frequencies using a multimeter. The two voltages and the ε m were measured also by a scope. The concept of phasors can be applied to the data retrieved from this experiment. Method : RL Circuit (X C =0) 1) X L = ϖ L, to include R L , X L X L 2) φ =phase between ε and V RM φ =tan -1 (X L /R) 3) z LR = (X L 2 +R 2 )=total impedance of LR circuit 4) r m 2 =V LM 2 +V RM 2 I m =V CM / X C =V RM / R (V CM / V RM )R=X C =1/ ϖ C=1/2 π fC [(V CM / 2) / (V RM / 2)]R=(1/f)(1/2 π C)+0 RC Circuit (X L =0) 1) X C =1/ ϖ C 2) φ =phase between ε m and V LCR φ =tan -1 (-X C /R) 3) z RC = (X C 2 +R 2 )=total impedance of RC circuit 4) ε m 2 =V CM 2 +V RM 2 I m =V LM /X L =V RM /R (V LM / V RM )R=X L = (R L 2 +( ϖ L) 2 ) (V LM R/ V RM ) 2 =R L 2 +( ϖ L) 2 =R L 2 +(2 π L) 2 f 2 (V LM R/ V RM ) 2 =(2 π L) 2 f 2 +R L 2
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