Ethics1 - Who Gave God the Given Right? God said, Let us...

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Who Gave God the Given Right? God said, “Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all the wild beasts and all the reptiles that crawl upon the earth.” (Genesis, p. 12) God gave humans the right to dominate over nature and he said it was good. Centuries ago, Christianity was one of the most popular religions meaning that a great majority of people were affected by its values. By looking at Genesis 1-3, it can be deduced that Christianity is an essential root of the current ecological disaster. Scholars decided that there are two accounts of the creation represented by E and J. In the first account, known as E, God is outside or beyond the earth and is just simply a voice. It first says, “Let there be light” and then there was light. (Genesis, p. 12) Following light, God fills the skies with birds, the land with animals and reptiles, and the seas with fish. He says to all of them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters of the seas; and the birds multiply on the land.” Then God makes man and when he does he says, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it.” (Genesis, p. 12) God gives humans the right to conquer the creatures of the earth, but in no way is that fair. The animals and the birds were there first, doesn’t that count for anything? In actuality, humans live by phrases like, “first come, first serve”. In the 1600’s, it was an honor to discover new land; to be the first one to walk on it or to smell its sweet grass. Then there was the race to the moon starting in 1957. Countries battled through rocket science in order to be the first one to step on that beautiful rock in the sky. In both of these cases, the individual or group that reached the finish line first was praised. In the case of discovering new land, the individual was given the right to name that land. For centuries after that, people are still calling it by the name of its founder. Then why doesn’t the human population call this that land of the fish and the birds? Obviously the animals didn’t discover the earth, but they were
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still here first. Humans can’t see that and apparently God can’t either. In the second account (J), God actually walks the earth and it says that God created man
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Ethics1 - Who Gave God the Given Right? God said, Let us...

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