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Biology 110 Julia Bielaski- 0163140 Real World Biology #4 11/23/09 Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. Most attention has been focused on the physicians themselves, but Dr. David A. Asch produced a study to portray the role of nurses in the subject. He mailed a survey to 1600 nurses in the United States that asked several questions about their experience with physician- assisted suicide and euthanasia. The survey was completely anonymous. Only 71% of the surveys were returned. Of those 1139 nurses, 852 actually worked in the critical care unit. From that, only 17% reported that they received requests to perform the procedure from either the patient or the family members. Sixteen percent actually performed the procedure, while 35% only pretended to speed up the death process. ( The New England Journal of Medicine, 1996) The article doesn’t discuss how they found the 1600 nurses, which leaves room for error. There is no proof that there aren’t any biases or that it isn’t random. The article also said that some of the nurses may have misinterpreted the questions or didn’t even understand what euthanasia was. The survey should have included the facts about physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia so that the results would have been more accurate. Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide should not be confused with each other. Physician-assisted suicide is where the patient makes a competent and voluntary request to end
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RWB #4 - Biology 110 0163140 Real World Biology #4 Julia...

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