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Page 1 Syllabus: MUS 354 Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture – SPRING 2010 #13458 Staff: Dr. Richard Mook Jerry Rulon-Maxwell (TA) Contact Information Class E-mail: [email protected] Students are encouraged to contact the course email address with any questions or concerns. Office visits or telephone conferences may sometimes be necessary, and can be arranged via email. Course URL: Required Text: Mook, ed. Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture , Second Edition. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2009. This book is required, and you will be tested on information from these readings. Students are also encouraged to purchase and read Strunk and White, The Elements Of Style, if they have not done so already. All assignment answers, student emails, and any other writings for this course should follow the rules of English composition explained in Strunk. Listening Assignments Our listening assignments for this term will be streamed from the ASU library system. To access our listening assignments, follow these instructions: Go to: Click “Find Reserves By Course” Enter “MUS354” (no spaces) Select “MUS354 Hip Hop Streaming Audio” Select “MUS354 HipHop” on the left Click the box that reads “Click here to view to accept the copyright policy above and listen to the streaming audio.” Course Description: This upper-division course has three objectives: first, it will introduce students to the general history of rap music from its origins to about 1995. This broad overview will include discussions of most, but not all, of the major artists from this period. Second, we will explore connections between the rap music and the other elements of hip hop culture. Third, this course will challenge students to think critically about rap music and its place in society. We will use listening exercises, demonstrations, and conversations with artists to examine how rappers create meaning in their musical works. Drawing on secondary articles by rap critics and scholars, we will consider in detail such controversial subjects as censorship, sexism, obscenity, and race politics in America as they relate to rap music. No previous musical experience is required. Workload: Students should expect to devote at least 20 hours to each unit of this course. As noted below, student obligations include listening assignments, readings, recorded lectures, demonstrations, and interviews, videos, tests, and optional discussion postings. Technical Requirements: Access to a high-speed Internet connection is required to take this course. Access to a non-wireless, high-speed Internet connection is required for test taking. There will be several video clips and a few video presentations lasting 30 to 40 minutes. The examinations may include audio and still images. Adequate bandwidth is essential. Offensive Materials Disclaimer:
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syllabus - Page 1 Syllabus MUS 354 Rap Music and Hip Hop...

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