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Chemical_Kinetics - Chemical Kinetics Nicolas Enriquez...

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Chemical Kinetics Nicolas Enriquez Stephen Dopler Jasmine McBeath Chem. 104B Section 25 1/23/2007 Abstract: In this experiment the bleaching of food dye Red #40 was used to determine the reaction order and rate constant of the removal of dyes color. This was done by performing the reaction in a spectrophotometer and recording the absorbance at specific times during the reaction. Diluted solutions of the stock dye and bleach solutions were used to create enough data for analysis. The Integrated Rate equation was then used to determine the rate constant, k, for the reaction. The reaction order with respect to both bleach and Red #40 was found to be a first order reaction. The rate constant with respect to Red #40 was found to be 0.0103 s mol L × with a deviation from the theoretical of 0.0014.
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Introduction In this experiment we will be using a chemical reaction to analyze reaction rates. The experiment will involve bleaching a dye and measuring the absorbency of the dye in order to determine the reaction rate. The main objective of this lab is to sharpen our trial and error skills, our solution making skills and to relate the rate of a reaction to the concentration of the reactants. Using the data that is collected we will determine a rate equation for the reaction step responsible for the loss of color in the bleaching of food dye. A rate can either be a zero order reaction, a first order reaction, or a second order reaction. The equation for the rate law is dependent on the reaction order but is roughly
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Chemical_Kinetics - Chemical Kinetics Nicolas Enriquez...

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