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Introduction The objective of this project was to compare the quality of water samples collected around Tucson. The quality of the water was assumed to be directly proportional to the amount of dissolved ions in the individual samples. This lab included 4 methods of testing five different water samples for various dissolved ions. The first method used was complexometric titration where the water samples’ hardness was determined by testing for the concentration of divalent ions dissolved in the water samples. Next, the total concentration of positive charge per water sample was calculated using Ion-exchange chromatography. The third technique of this project used ion selective electrodes make a calibration plot for the calcium ion in order to calculate the total concentration of Ca 2+ per water sample. The final method of this lab
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Unformatted text preview: was used to test for the concentration of the samples two least reactive ions, Na + , and K + . Flame photometry was used to create a calibration plot for sodium and potassium and this plot was used to compare the reading for each sample in order to calculate the sodium and ion concentrations present in the samples. The pH was also measured independent of the four methods so the concentration of hydronium per water sample could be determined. The values for all methods were then compared in order to compare the samples for healthiness. Water is a very unique and important molecule for many of lifes processes. Since all of the techniques used in this project involve different methods of testing water, the techniques used will likely have future applicability for any student taking this course....
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