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1 Prince William County VA: Leading the Law to Dealing with Illegal Immigrants? June came and went without the US Senate’s action on immigration reform, leaving the road wide open for Prince William County to take the lead to start cracking down on illegal immigrants. PWC’s Hispanic population percentage doubled from 10 to 20% in just seven years (Hounding Immigrants). Angry citizens feeling the increased costs of education, health care, law enforcement and other services for immigrants seemed determined to take a stand against illegal immigrants. John T. Stirrup Jr., the sponsor of the new immigration policy, is a firm believer that illegal immigrants are the ones to blame for the “economic hardship” and “lawlessness” in Prince William County (Hounding Immigrants). Greg Letiecq, creator of one of the most influential local blogs in Virginia, reports that illegal immigrant ice cream vendors may be spreading leprosy and that police covered up a gang-rape of a woman by five Hispanic men in June (Muscling a website into a Social Movement). While his proof of these incidents appears to be lacking, his blogging skills helped to sign up more than 500 members for Help Save Manassas, his anti-illegal immigrant organization. This organization helped research and write parts of the illegal-immigration resolution that Stirrup sponsored. Now I’m sure most members of HSM found their criticism for illegal immigration from noticeable changes around town, but Letiecq’s anti-illegal
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immigrant passion was probably found on his front porch because of his loud neighbors (Muscling a website into a Social Movement). According to Letiecq, just next door from his house, loud salsa music blasts, and he suspects illegal immigrants live there. A few houses away, three families live in one house with six or eight children. Letiecq is none too pleased with what’s going on in his neighborhood. Crime appears to be imminent. He worries about the resources that will be stretched and how it will affect his 2 and 5 year old daughters (Muscling a web site into a social movement). Consider the possibility of having a loved one rushed to the hospital emergency room only to wait in an even longer line with non-English speaking people ahead of them. Or think of calling for police to help with a fender bender and being put off while they take on a gang fight. I can imagine how I would feel under those circumstances, being a solid tax paying citizen and then finding that the help I need is diverted to others who have not paid their dues. It is one thing to give to charity and another to have a personal benefit that is bought and paid for taken away. I think this is why we are seeing more and more locals joining the Help Save Manassas race. One writer from the Washington Post reported that John Stirrup moved to
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Exploratory_Essay final draft - Prince William County VA...

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