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Jenkins 1 Will Jenkins English 101 Sarah Baechle 2/9/06 The man who made himself into something out of nothing. Thesis- Through education, Fredrick Douglass discovers how to become more than just an ordinary slave and through this experience, he develops strong concentrated views towards the importance of education. Fredrick Douglass finds out in his early life that education is not just a “title” given to white folk to describe how sophisticated they are. It is an actual “word” that takes time and practice to achieve. He discovers that having the ability to read and write is a very valuable asset especially because he is a slave. Through his article he describes how he went out of his way to make the effort to educate himself in hopes of one day having enough knowledge to free himself. In doing this, Fredrick Douglas demonstrates the principle of how if a person wants something, they have to work for it to get it. He did so and became the first important African American public figure (Douglass 317). Although Douglass does not give a written out definition for education, he uses his article, as a whole, to define what it means. The most important point that is clearly expressed throughout his article is that being educated means one has the ability to read and write. Once Douglass achieved this ability, many concepts and principles became clearer to him. An example of this is when Douglass describes reading the Columbian
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Jenkins 2 Orator. He tells of how he comes to realize that being a slave is a never ending life of imprisonment from freedom. He often regrets his own existence and wishes to be put out
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Fredrick Douglass - Jenkins 1 Will Jenkins English 101...

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