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argumentative essay - June came and went without the US...

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June came and went without the US Senate’s action on immigration reform, leaving the road wide open for Prince William County to take the lead to start cracking down on illegal immigrants. PWC’s Hispanic population percentage doubled from 10 to 20% in just seven years (Hounding Immigrants). Angry citizens feeling the increased costs of health care, law enforcement and other services for immigrants seemed determined to take a stand against illegal immigrants. But are these citizens taking into consideration that these undocumented workers are actually helping Prince William County? I feel a lot of the services and economic benefits that illegal immigrants provide are taken for granted. The strongest argument against my position is that illegal immigration is putting a drain on our economy. According to John T. Stirrup Jr., the sponsor of the new immigration policy, illegal immigrants are to blame for the “economic hardship” and “lawlessness” in Prince William County (Hounding Immigrants). I could not find exact cost figures concerning the impact of illegal immigrants on Prince William County, but research done by the Center for Immigration Studies shows these figures on a federal level. What I found was research conducted for the year 2002. It shows that illegal alien households pay on average $4200 a year to the federal government which has a combined total of $16 billion a year. This is a substantial sum, but not as substantial as what the proposed cost on the federal government for these illegal immigrants is said to be. The alleged imposed cost on the federal government is nearly $7,000 a year per household, which adds up to $26.3 billion. The difference, or net fiscal deficit, created by
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illegal immigrants per year it $10.4 billion, or $2700 per household. Medicaid and medical treatment for the uninsured contributed to most of the deficit, $2.5 billion and $2.2 billion respectively. Next were food assistance programs at $1.9 billion a year, $1.6 billion on the federal prison and court systems, $1.4 billion on public schools. Now what would happen if the U.S. granted these illegal immigrants legal status so they would begin paying the same taxes as legal citizens? Surprisingly costs would dramatically go up. If illegal immigrants were granted amnesty and began paying taxes and using public services, the net fiscal deficit would go up from $2700 per household to $7700 per household, which would cause a $9 billion a year increase. The reason for this increase is that by granting illegal immigrants legal status it would just basically make them unskilled citizens, causing costs to almost triple (Camarota). I don’t believe this is an accurate measure of illegal immigrant’s contribution to the U.S. because it leaves out some very important factors. First, illegal immigrants comprise a lot, if not most of the agriculture and construction industries. It’s not as though they are taking the job from anyone else either, so if it wasn’t for undocumented workers then these positions would have to be filled. The problem is that there isn’t enough of a supply of human resources to fill
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argumentative essay - June came and went without the US...

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