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8 Food –not enough vitamins and minerals- major nutritional problem is insufficient iron, zinc, calcium. Most common disease of young children in developed nations is tooth decay. To promote healthy eating habits, fill child up w/ nutritious foods. Prevent tooth decay- Brain Development -Underlies rapidly expanding cognitive abilities. Age 2, 75% of brain weight achieved. Age 5, 90% of brain weight achieved; pruning of dendrites has occurred. Myelination - axons & dendrites because insulated w/ a coating myelin(fatty substance that speeds transmission of nerve impulses from neuron to neuron in the brain. Helpful when several thoughts must occur in rapid succession, and for fast and complex communication. Experience affects the rate of myelination. Visual and auditory cortexes myelinate first. Laterization- sidedness; specialization of the two sides of the brain. Corpus callosum- strip of nerve fibers that connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Left side- right side of boy, specific logic, detailed analysis, basics of language, big picture. Right side- left side of body, emotion, creativity, details.
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