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Spanish for the green industry - The Devil's Highway: A...

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The Devil’s Highway: A Journey to the American Dream
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In Luis Urrea’s The Devil’ Highway, three main groups of characters are portrayed throughout the novel. The border patrol, human smugglers and the walkers, each is portrayed very differently, and each serves their own role in the overall context of the story. The border patrol is the authority of the land and has the power and intimidating presence that both the smugglers and walkers fear and at the same time they can also be looked at as saviors, when smugglers and walkers are in need and about to die. As for the other groups; the smugglers are similar to a mafia, with a hierarchy in leadership, and the walkers are only hoping for the American dream and with that blinded by the true danger of attempting to cross the desert. Each group plays a role in what the overall message of the book appears to be, which is no matter how much money and time is spent trying to “seal” the border, illegals will still find ways to cross, the author wants to make a point that this is the reality and its not going away anytime soon. The border patrol is painted as the authority of the land and makes them out to be feared but at the same time when walkers and smugglers find themselves in desperate situations their new best friend could be an agent who may end up saving their life. The Welton 26’s coyote Mendez, blamed the Border patrol as a reason behind the walkers deaths, “Mendez later claimed that the Border Patrol was lurking in the hills, waiting for them to come up to Bluebird Pass.” (109) The author shows how the smugglers are scared of Border Patrol to the point where the reason the group scattered at the pass and
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Spanish for the green industry - The Devil's Highway: A...

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