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ch.19 review EDPS - Chapter Nineteen Early Adulthood...

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Chapter Nineteen Early Adulthood: Psychosocial Development Love and Work Two basic needs: what are they? Describe Maslow's theory of adult needs. Explain why you agree or disagree  with Maslow's ideas. Provide an example to support your argument. Erikson: intimacy vs. isolation – what are the challenges of this stage?  The  crises? Ages and Stages Patterns of the Past 0. by 20s:  1. by 30s: 2. by 40s:  The Social Clock – What is it? How is it determined? Developed vs. Developing Nations--
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Rich and Poor 3. the lower the SES? Intimacy Need for Intimacy? Two primary sources?   Friendship -- How are they sometimes better than a family? Choosing young-adult friends – how do we do it? Gender differences in friendships? Living together --- what do the studies say about cohabitation? TRUE or FALSE: Worldwide research says married people are happier, healthier, and richer.
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