Topic 6-hist - Topic 6 A. 1.Gupta Empire located in...

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Topic 6 A. 1. Gupta Empire located in Northern India. The capital wasPpataliputra. 2. The Gupta period spread Buddism through Asia. There were Sanskrits, a Great University, Learning, Great Empire. 3.Fa-Shien studied Buddhism in India and spread it through China. 4. The greatest ruler was Chandra Gupta II 5. Way of Worship-chose a personal deity, did his/her bidding attended temple ceremonies and took pilgrimages. Way of Works- Must follow caste rules. 6. The Puranas were mythical stories about Hindu Gods/goddesses. 7. Jewish people came to India as refugees “white jews”-retain sematic identity, “black jews”-intermarried w/ indians Christian tradition associated with India-claim to be descendents of apostle Thomas, Syrian branch of Christianity. 8. Ajanta cave temples are fresco paintings that survive in freestanding temples in Ajanta. Dedicated to hindu deities. 9. The great University was in Nalanda. 10. The Gupta came to an end in 550 because of numerous invasions. 11. Harsha- 16 yr old boy who tried to recreate Gupta Civilization ruled for 41 yrs. Bana- wrote of Harsha’s life.
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Topic 6-hist - Topic 6 A. 1.Gupta Empire located in...

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