Global Warming Too Hot Dinosaurs

Global Warming Too Hot Dinosaurs - Ryan Schaefer Lab Report...

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Ryan Schaefer Lab Report 1 Tues. 9:40 5/7/09 Global Warming, Too Hot For Dinosaurs? The fear of global warming is currently a raving issue in our world and media today, but was it an issue in the day of the “dino’s”? They might not have drafted a Kyoto Protocol or even produced a documentary like An Inconvenient Truth , but according to Gugliotta of the Washington Post they definitely felt the effects of global warming. He raises the argument that global warming caused what scientist’s call, “The great dying”, which happened 250 million years ago. I will be analyzing Gugliotta’s article by the six components of the scientific method to see why global warming was too hot for the dinosaurs. The first component of the scientific method is arriving at a puzzling observation. In this article the puzzling observation was initially made in the rebuttal to an existing theory on the “The great dying”, which stated that the mass extinction was due to a large meteor that hit earth. When formulating possible reasons scientists came across global warming. Peter D. Ward, a paleontologist at the University of Washington said, “ This is not a world that is happy and then goes ‘Bang!’ This is a world that’s in trouble for a long time and then it gets in even worse trouble.” Ward is part of a seven-year archeological (1000ft) excavation research project in the southeastern South Africa’s Karoo Basin. It is this project that gave life the articles principal puzzling observation when they came across, as Ward described as, “ A steady decline in the number of species over 10 million years, followed by a sudden plunge 250 million years ago at the boundary between the Permian and Triassic periods of geological time.” This is only half of the puzzle, because while Ward saw this decline in species in his excavation, he also remembered that during these particular time there was prolonged volcanic activity over “one third of modern-day Siberia.” A proposed explanation can be formulated when you put these two pieces together but before that a discussion of the importance of this puzzling observation would
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Global Warming Too Hot Dinosaurs - Ryan Schaefer Lab Report...

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