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Topic 7 Chapter 7: Developing Civilizations A. Mesoamerican Civilization (central America) 1. Where was Teotihuacan located? Mexico City What was the basis of its economy? Obsidian Trade (stone) 2. What was the nature of the city and the culture? Massive public building, reliable water, pilgrimage worship, fighting, depended upon the planet Venus- high knowledge of stars and planets 3. When was Teotihuacan abandoned? 200-800 4. Where and when did the Maya civilization thrive? Mexico city, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Honduras 800 5. What were some of the special characteristics of Maya culture? 25 city-states Developed written language, waging of war, sacrifices of prisoners of war- sacrifice of blood of king and Queen of cities 6. What was the Popul Vuh ? 7. Where did the Aztecs originate, what did they call themselves and where did they locate? Mexico City- Tenocha- Mexica 8. What was the nature of Aztec society and religion? Military state, sacrifices, wage of war, 9 levels of underworld-earth, 3 heavens, cannibal Essential vocabulary: Mexico City,200 CE, obsidian trade,pyramids, 3,000 structures,"GreatGoddess" andwater, Venusand the warrior cult, 800, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, and Honduras, 700-800 CE, 25 city-states, written language, calendarsystem,divine ruler, sacrifice, Tenocha or Mexica, Lake Texcoco, Tenochtitlan, emperor, military state, Sun god, sacrificial victims B. Andean Civilization 1. Where and when was the Moche culture? 100-700, 2. What do we know about Moche culture and religion? No writing system, pyramids, Sun, sacrifices 3. When and where was the Inka kingdom? 4. What do we know about the Inka religion and the Inka economy and state? Created a civilization that spread 3,000 miles 1/3 went to emperor, 1/3 for gods, 1/3 for common people, based upon cotton, coacoa,-cociane and chocolate 5. What was the language of the Inka? Quechua 6. What contributed to the weakness of the Inka state? Spanish 7. Who invaded the Inka territory, when, and why? Soanish- attracted to silver
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Essential vocabulary: Moche Culture, 100-700 CE, no writing, blood sacrifice, Pyramid of theSun, after1438, nonliterate,Cuzco, Bolivia and northern Chile, 3,000 miles, land for the sun (statereligion), cotton,cacao, and coca, 20,000 miles of roads, Quechua, no primogeniture, Spanish 1532 C. African Cultures 1. About how many ethnic groups and languages are there in Africa? 1,000 4 main language groups 2. What was the group in Islamic North Africa which dominated trade? Berbers of Morroco 3. What was the city of Christian Ethiopia and what was the church called? Axum, Coptic When did it emerge? 4 th c. 4. What was the name of the mythical rich king of the east? Prester John 5. Where did the Bantu originate and what was their historical significance? From west Africa to south and East. “The People” – took their religion
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Topic 8 - Topic 7 Chapter 7 Developing Civilizations A...

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