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Napoleon - He rose in rank quite quickly due to his initial...

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Bryan Gastelle History 102 Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power through the French revolution. He was born of a high social profile however his family was poor. Despite his high social profile he was persecuted by his peers, he attended a private school where dislike for his Corsican background was prevalent. He was said to have fought a lot during his years at school; an early sign of his adult personality. He grew up with a strong willed mother who told him that he could accomplish anything. In private school he was viewed as a very intelligent and a deep thinker. After private school he joined the military. At the time he joined some changes were being made to the way that the army operated, rank was beginning to be based on talent and not social class, this gave Napoleon his chance to prove himself.
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Unformatted text preview: He rose in rank quite quickly, due to his initial success. Eventually he rose to power and was appointed commander of the French army. He defeated several armies larger than his with his revolutionary and new tactics. He turned warfare at the time from a gentleman’s game into a mission and defeated the old strategies numerous times. His philosophy was to “divide and conquer” and to “travel apart but fight together.” He married Josephine, a woman who’s numerous infidelities would eventually begin to distract him from his campaign. He is responsible for leading the French army across Europe. He was later overthrown and exiled with only 1000 men. He later returned from exile to lead the army once again. He was viewed as a hero until his final defeat at Waterloo. He ended his life in exile on St. Helena....
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Napoleon - He rose in rank quite quickly due to his initial...

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