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Jonathan Ramberger RhetComp 2 - Sect. 1070 Ms. Crystal Fodrey Spring 2008 Essay for Unit #3 A Well Rounded Educational Upbringing To think that I would be writing about how going to different types of schools benefited me as a person is something I would have never thought I would do being brought up as a child. In fact, going to a private school was something I complained about greatly, especially during the times of middle school and adolescence. Major arguments with parents escalated because of my want to go to a public school setting. I had my mind set in sixth grade that I was the tell-all resource for my life decisions and had the knowledge of what was best for me, even my educational experience. Catholic school was a prison to me; I felt like a bubble boy who could not escape into a world full of the opposite sex, the ability to wear jeans five days a week, and better sports teams. But when I think about my educational experience today, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. From the days of kindergarten until eighth grade, I attended a small, private, Catholic school. My entire class was composed of no more than 40 kids and we all had the same teacher for every class. The setting was somewhere where I knew everybody, and everyone knew me. If an event happened in school, it would not be long until someone told me about it. It was a very sheltered place to call my second home. I struggled to fit in when attending middle school dances that were open to the community or with athletic teams that were residency based. Peers would always ask
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questions like, “What’s it like having to wear a uniform?” and “You really go to church during the school day?”. I became annoyed with being placed in an environment where I thought I wasn’t receiving my full potential. It soon became old news seeing the same people everyday that I had seen since the first grade. Sure, I had my best friends, but what
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ENGL 2 - UNIT 3 ESSAY (FINAL) - Jonathan Ramberger RhetComp...

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