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Introducing Knowledge Management 1-1 45 Chapter 1 Introducing Knowledge Management Teaching Objectives To describe what KM is and what the forces are that drive KM To discuss organizational issues related to KM To explain knowledge management systems (KMS) and their role in the organization To discuss the relevance of KM in today’s dynamic environments augmented with increasing technological complexity To present the benefits and considerations about KM, including an overview of the nature of the KM projects currently in progress at public and private organizations around the world, and the important role that IT plays in KM Key Terms The following alphabetical list identifies the key terms discussed in this chapter. The page number for each key term is provided. Experience management, p. 7 Intellectual capital, p. 3 Knowledge management (KM), p. 2 Knowledge management systems, p. 7 Structural capital, p. 3 Teaching Suggestions The opening quote by Sylvia Fries, chief NASA historian between 1983 and 1990, is a dramatic testimony for the need for organizations to manage their knowledge: “… the knowledge that during the twenty intervening years much of the national consensus that launched this country on its first lunar adventure had evaporated …” For graduate students, the instructor may wish to facilitate class discussion related to the themes presented in this chapter. It may be a good idea to ask your students if they have faced similar situations of knowledge loss at their organizations. Have students discuss their views related to the following questions: 1. About what specific instance in your career did this example remind you? 2. Describe the type of knowledge that was lost in that occasion. 3. Were any steps taken to try to capture this knowledge? 4. What were some of the repercussions on the business that followed the loss of such knowledge? Students may also be encouraged to share some other examples of the four forces driving KM
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BecerraIM_ch01 - Instructor's Manual Introducing Knowledge...

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