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The Computer as a Medium for Sharing Knowledge 11- 1 45 Chapter 11 The Computer as a Medium for Sharing Knowledge Teaching Objectives Introduce the student to how the digital computer has become an essential tool in managing knowledge Introducing the student to the World Wide Web as an unparalleled medium for sharing knowledge Introduce the student to the issue of network security to maintain control of intellectual property 4. Introduce the student to workflow systems Key Terms The following alphabetical list identifies the key terms discussed in this chapter. The page number for each key term is provided. Active Web documents, p. 207 Document management systems, p. 213 Dynamic Web documents, p. 206 Heterogeneous networks, p. 205 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), p. 205 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), p. 206 Internet, p. 204 Java, p. 205 Static Web documents, p. 206 Uniform Resource Locator (URL), p. 206 Web crawlers, p. 209 Workflow management (WfM) systems, p. 212 World Wide Web (WWW), p. 204 Teaching Suggestions The main objective in this chapter for undergraduates is to understand the concept of the World Wide Web, and how it serves as a means of sharing knowledge. This should include the various types of pages in the Web, and how each can be used for different objectives. They should also be familiar with the concept of how the Web is searched, and the differences among the various search engines. A graduate student should understand the above, plus have a deeper realization of how computer communications - the Internet in general, and the Web specifically - can serve to share knowledge. This includes an understanding of workflow systems and their advantages. Graduate students should also understand the perils of such abilities and the means to secure
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BecerraIM_ch11 - Instructor's Manual The Computer as a...

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