Evid Syl Spring 2010 FINAL (2)-13

Attendance participation attendance and class

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Unformatted text preview: excessive absences may also result in your exclusion from the course or examination, which will result in a failing grade. Exceptions will be made for absences justified by good cause (e.g. serious medical condition, family situation, or other compelling reasons). You may ask me to excuse you in advance if you wish to get an advisory opinion. As noted, participation is mandatory. Participation is linked to preparation so the latter is also mandatory. I expect you to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned readings and problems. I expect you to be able to brief the casesBbelieve it or not, this is actually a vitally important skill for the practice of law. I reserve the right to consider you absent if you are not prepared for class. The reason is simple: the study of the law is a collaborative process. If each of you prepare well for class, all of you will find the class more enjoyable and enlightening. In a very real sense, the benefits you derive from the class are linked to your effort in the classroom. I do not want you to think of your class preparation as something you have to do for me (although that is true). I urge you to see your class preparation and participation for what it is: something you must do for yourself and your classmates. Considered as a whole you are a highly motivated and talented group. If each of you harnesses your talents for this class, all of you will learn more. Think of it as an exercise in solidarity. Evidence Spring 2010 Page 3 I am the sole arbiter of your preparation for, and participation in, class. I urge you to thoroughly prepare for each class. I reserve the right to adjust grades by one increment based on contribution to the class (or lack thereof) by means of participation in class discussion. If I call on you and you are not prepared, then you can expect to be called upon the next class and for each of the following classes until I am satisfied that you are adequately preparing for class. Be prepared! EXAMINATION & GRADING Your grade will be based upon your performance on a comprehensive examination. Be sure to confirm the date of the exam with the Registrar by the last day of class. The final exam will be three hours in length. The exam will be closed book; you will not be allowed to consult any materials. The exam will be composed of some or all of the following parts: essays, problems, short answer questions, multiple choice questions, and true/false questions. In addition, I reserve the right to increase your grade by one increment for exceptional contribution during class. Every year as we approach the final examination students ask me how they should prepare. The short answer is that you should prepare for this examination by diligent preparation throughout the semester. As noted above, I suggest that as we go through the course you build your course around the FRE, annotating the rules with points gleaned from the assigned materials and our discussion in class. Blackout period. In order to encourage you to diligently prepare throughout the semester, it is my...
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