Evid Syl Spring 2010 FINAL (2)-13

The cases provide examples of important points of law

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Unformatted text preview: lding and rationale. See below. The Federal Rules of Evidence are essential to our study. They appear in the Appendix to the primary text, Trial Evidence. As we cover each of the topics covered by the readings, you must review the text of the relevant rule. You can also get the FRE online on (I believe they are posted on Cornell=s website). I suggest that you download a set of the rules and insert your notes from the readings and class into the rules as we go along. In this regard, you should know that the cases I have assigned should provide you with useful examples of important points of law raised by the various rules. I believe the texts I have selected, and the course of study I have set forth below, will prepare you well for the bar exam and the actual practice of law. We must cover a great deal of material in order for you to gain a fairly rudimentary knowledge of this demanding subject. For your own sake, do not fall behind. ASSIGNMENTS & CLASS FORMAT Below I have laid out the assigned readings for each class. In addition to the assigned readings, I have listed the problems from the Friedland text that we will go over so that you can prepare your answers in advance. I will chose additional problems from Trial Evidence, as we go along, so you can get some practice thinking on your feetBa common feature of litigation practice when it comes to evidentiary matters. My plan for the class is as follows. We will discuss the cases that I have assigned and I will emphasize certain points of law or practice for your information. Then we will tackle the problems together. Evidence Spring 2010 Page 2 I expect you to come to class prepared and to work your way systematically through the material during the course of the semester. You need to prepare diligently as we go along. It has been my experience that students who fail to do so do very poorly on the examination. My goal is to help you come to learn this subject. To that end, I will answer any reasonably pertinent questions during class or outside the classroom if they are directed to me during the class period of the semester, i.e., the portion of the semester that is devoted to reading and discussing our subject matter in the classroom setting. Addressing your questions is a source of satisfaction to me, and I find that I often learn something new as a result of your questions. In this regard, the syllabus lays out my plan for moving us through the material during this semester. I am a reasonable man and therefore I am willing to make adjustments if I find that you are having difficulty with a given topic. I rely on you to communicate such difficulty to me by means of intelligent questions which demonstrate that you have read the material and have identified specific areas for further discussion. ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION Attendance and class participation are mandatory. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. Students who have more than four unexcused absences will have their grade reduced by one increment (e.g., C to C). In addition,...
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