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Syllabus Spring 2010 V2

Syllabus Spring 2010 V2 - AEM 4531 Spring Term 2010 Draft...

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AEM 4531 – Spring Term 2010 Draft as of 4/8/2010 1 AEM 4531 Federal Income Taxation Spring Term 2010 General Information : Staff Room Phone Email Instructor : Joseph A Bennett, CPA 352 Warren 254-5102 jab349 Administrative Assistant : Faye S. Butts 357 Warren 255-1585 fsb1 Administrative TA: TBA TBA Warren TBA Course Web Site : http://blackboard.cornell.edu Lectures : Tuesday and Thursday, 1:25 PM – 2:40 PM, classroom 60 Prerequisites : AEM 3360, Intermediate Accounting I Course Materials : Required Text: South-West Federal Taxes: Comprehensive Volume, 2010 Edition, Southwestern Publishing. Lecture Packet: Not Currently Required, Optional : Study Guide for South-West Federal Taxes: Comprehensive Volume. Calculator: Non-graphing, nonprogrammable calculators will be permitted for the exams. It is recommended that you bring your calculator to lecture and to section so that you may do the in-lecture and in-section problems. Please be aware that during exams proctors are instructed to confiscate calculators that do not meet the above specifications. One copy of the text may be available on reserve at Mann Libraries. Copies of all lecture materials are contained in the course lecture packet and are also available on the course website. Objectives of the Course : This is an introductory course in federal income tax, which explores the tax environment, fundamentals of tax planning, measurement of taxable income, taxation of business entities (individuals, corporations and partnerships) and tax compliance.
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AEM 4531 – Spring Term 2010 Draft as of 4/8/2010 2 Lectures and Sections : There will be two lectures each week. Lectures will highlight and supplement the material in each topic area. Please read the chapter and other material posted on blackboard before attending the lecture . Instructor will call on students during lectures. Please be prepared with suggested solutions or questions about concepts. Your comments will be evaluated NOT on the basis of whether you are right or wrong, but whether or not you are prepared and/or contribute to the group learning experience with useful comments or insightful questions. Do not worry about being 100% correct—the point is showing that you are thinking and that you have come prepared for the section. Office Hours : The best time to see Mr. Bennett in his office is prior to and after class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When necessary, changes to regularly scheduled office hours will be posted to the website. In most cases, Mr. Bennett will respond to email in less than 24 hours. For him to be efficient at answering your emails; however, please be sure to examine beforehand the announcements section, posted solutions, and the syllabus for answers to your questions. Grading : The following weights will be applied in determining your final grade: Exam I 25% Exam II 25% Final exam 30% Participation, quizzes and homework 20% Total 100% All exam results and section scores will be provided to the student.
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