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NBA 6710 Spring 2010 PAPER 1 Date due: Tuesday, April 13, at class time. Length: At least two full pages, double-spaced, normal margins. Topic: Drawing from one or more current periodical articles, select a case where a business decision-maker (individual, team, or company) is considering a certain action or policy— and it’s unclear whether the action would be ethically acceptable . In your paper, address the following questions: Who is the decision-maker? What is the contemplated action or policy? What facts are relevant to evaluating the action or policy, including who the
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Unformatted text preview: stakeholders are and how they would (likely) be affected? What are the various ways the action or policy might be plausibly framed (described) by the different stakeholders? Given the decision-makers role and/or relationships with the various stakeholders, what does the decision-maker owe the respective stakeholders. Note: In this paper, Im not asking you to come to a conclusion about whether the action or policy would be ethically permissible. Rather, these questions are preliminary to that question....
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