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HAdm 4430 Introduction to Wines: FAQs Revised 06/09 FAQs: Wine Search FAQs by the following subheadings: 1) What’s the best temperature for serving full-bodied red wines like Bordeaux or California Cabernet Sauvignon? 60-65 ° F/16-18 ° C. 2) What’s the best temperature for serving fruity, young red wines like Beaujolais? 55-60 ° F/14-16 ° C. 3) What’s the best temperature for serving full-bodied, dry white wines like California chardonnay or white Burgundy? 50-55 ° F/10-14 ° C. 4) What’s the best temperature for serving sweet wines like Beerenauslesen, trockenbeerenauslesen, & Eisweins? How can I tell how sweet these wines are without appearing ignorant? Regrettably, many if not most sweet wines do not list RS (residual sugar) levels. Serve very well chilled, about 40-45 ° F/4-7 ° C. Red wineglasses are generally larger. The same tulip or tapered form prevails, with wider bowls used for red Burgundy. Any good wine glass will do nicely for all wines. 6) Is there a proper way to hold a wineglass? Wineglasses are held by the base or the stem so the bowl doesn’t get soiled with greasy fingerprints.
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7) How long does wine keep after it’s opened? If refrigerated most open wines will keep up to a week. Wines with some age generally should be consumed the same day. Some wines, particularly German, Alsace, & Austrian whites, keep well over a week. Sweet & fortified wines usually store well for several weeks. 8) How do I preserve still wine once I open it? Refrigerate. Reseal with the Vacu-Vin , or if possible reinsert original cork back into the bottle in the same way it was originally packaged. 9) How do I preserve sparkling wine once I open it? Refrigerate, using the sparkling wine resealing gadget sold at wine shops everywhere. 10) For my upcoming wedding please suggest economical yet delicious white, red & sparkling wines. Are there any local wines you would suggest? Congratulations! “Off-dry”(i.e. slightly sweet) & dry rieslings are the best wines from the Finger Lakes. Reds don’t fare as well, but good pinot noirs are available. Sparkling wines are very successful. Our favorite producers (alphabetical order) are Anthony Road, Dr. Frank, Fox Run, Glenora, Hazlitt, Knapp, Lakewood, Lamoreaux Landing, Prejean, Red Newt, Shalestone, Silver Thread, Treleaven, Wagner, and Hermann Wiemer. 11) What are the best conditions for cellaring wine? Ideal cellaring involves consistent temperature ( 55 ° F/14 ° C), humidity (80%), and absence of light & vibration. Corks needs to be kept damp so bottles must be stored on their sides or upside down. 12) Sometimes I have to keep wine overnight in my car in the winter.
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2009 Revised FAQ - HAdm 4430 Introduction to Wines: FAQs...

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