SPRING 2010 MID TERM REVIEW - 1096 Mid Term Review SPRING...

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1096 Mid Term Review SPRING 2010 1.  What are the differences between training and learning? -learning is something individuals do on their own. Also, Learning refers to a change in behavior  potentiality, and performance refers to the translation of this potentiality into behavior.” Learning  gives individuals the potential to get results.  But, performance is the actual realization of that  potential.  -Training is setting the stage and actively supporting the learning process. 2.  Why is it important for a trainer to have considered his/her own philosophy of learning? 3.  What are some characteristics of adult learners? 3 Build social networks B Meet expectations M Advance in their careers A Be stimulated B Help others H Learn for its own sake 4.  Describe the process of learning.  (Gagne’s Theory) 4 Gain Attention (reception) G Inform learners of the objective (expectancy) I Stimulate recall of prior learning (retrieval) S Present the stimulus (selective perception) P Provide learning guidance (semantic encoding) P Elicit performance (responding) E Provide feedback (reinforcement) P Assess performance (retrieval) A Enhance retention and transfer (gneralization) 
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5. Functionalistic Theories, Associationistic Theories Cognitive Theories Constructivist Theories, 
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SPRING 2010 MID TERM REVIEW - 1096 Mid Term Review SPRING...

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