Experiential Learning Theory (Spring 2010) - Allison Hughes...

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Allison Hughes and Victoria Fera AOD 1016 Learning Theory Assignment The Learning Theory we are going to talk about is Experiential Learning. Experiential Learning was developed by Carl Rodgers, with the help of Malcolm Knowles, and is widely known and as impacted the field of adult learning. It was his belief that applied learning, coming from experience, is the most important type of learning. Humans use learning to satisfy their need to grow and achieve their potential. This theory assumes that all individuals learn best though their own experience. You learn through reflection of your everyday experiences. There are four things instructors must do when using experiential learning; 1.) Ensure there is a psychologically supportive climate in which to learn. 2.) Explain why learning is important. 3.) Provide resources for learners to use in a learning event or project. 4.) Ensure there is an equal balance sustained between learner, feelings, and knowledge. Learner’s opinions need to be considered in how the instruction is designed and delivered as well as how effective
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Experiential Learning Theory (Spring 2010) - Allison Hughes...

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