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January 31 2006 Prof. Weidman / NATS 101-48 1S1P Report: Air Pollution, Acid Deposition Human-caused air pollution has been a problem since man first created fire, which puts smoke and carbon into the air. Historically, as human technology became more advanced, major health risks and incidents have occurred, recently including 700 deaths from one fog in 1873 to 1150 deaths in 1911. As a result of these and other incidents in England, the United States, and other parts of the world, several laws and measures have been passed to create cleaner air in those countries. There are many different kinds of air pollutants, such as mobile and fixed, and primary and secondary. These terms describe where the pollutants come from, and whether they are made at the source or as a result of a later chemical reaction. The most dangerous pollutants are aerosols, which form in particles and droplets small enough to enter and penetrate through
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Unformatted text preview: human lungs and cause serious medical problems like cancer, brain damage, and death. These particles may either settle to the ground, be carried through the air by wind, rain, or snow. Other common pollutants like carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons have similar effects and methods of travel. Nitrogen dioxide is important in both the creation and removal of ozone from the air, and combines with certain hydrocarbons to create additional secondary pollutants. Acid deposition describes the way acidic material moves from the air to the ground, as wet deposition (seen in acid rain and acid fog), or dry deposition, where acidic particles settle into the ground without attaching to water droplets. Acid deposition is a problem because it causes erosion and soil nutritent deficiency....
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