ENV100 test - First Name: _________________ Last Name:...

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Unformatted text preview: First Name: _________________ Last Name: ___________________ Student Number: ______________ Course Instructor: Marnie Branfireun University of Toronto - Mississauga Department of Geography & Programs In Environment TERM TEST December 18th, 2007 ENV100Y5Y - The Environment Duration: 2 hours Aids Permitted: None Total Marks: 50 (10 questions worth 5 marks each) There is an additional, optional, bonus questions at the end worth 5 marks. Do not begin until instructed to do so. General Instructions: • Place your student card face up on your desk. • Fill in your name and student number at the top of the page. • Place do not open the test until the entire class is told it is time to begin. • This test is double-sided; be sure not to miss questions on the back sides. • Write your answers on the test paper in the lined spaces provided. You may use the extra paper provided for rough work, but this will not be marked, • Writing outside of the lined spaces provided will not be marked, • Please write legibly and clearly, using correct grammar and spelling to ensure that your answer can be understood. • Point-form answers are acceptable where appropriate, i.e. when asked for a list. • If you finish early and wish to leave, please do so quietly, BUT, for the last 15 minutes of the test, please remain in your seat until given permission to leave, so as not to disturb your fellow students. If you are finished the test, please turn it face up during this time. GOOD LUCK! Reminder: It is an academic offence for students to have cell phones, pagers, laptops, personal digital assistants or wristwatch computers at a test or exam. If any of these items are in your possession, turn them off and put them with your belongings at the front or back of the room before the test begins. Bottled drinks and travel mugs are permitted. ENV100Y5Y TERM TEST, December 18th, 2007 Page 2 of 8 Instructions: Answer any 10 of the following 12 questions in the spaces provided. Each question is worth 5 marks, and has multiple parts. All parts of the question must be answered. Even if you answer more than ten questions, only your first ten answers will be marked, so you may want to choose them before you begin. Draw a line through the text of the two questions that you aren’t answering (e.g. 4. a. lorum lpson dolor Sequa est? ). You may use illustration(s) to supplement your answers where appropriate....
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2010 for the course EVIRONMENT ENV100Y taught by Professor Barbaramurck during the Fall '10 term at University of Toronto.

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ENV100 test - First Name: _________________ Last Name:...

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