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Student name: Student number: continued on page U NIVERSITY OF T ORONTO AT M ISSISSAUGA November Mid-term CCT 100F L0101 Duration – 45 minutes No Aids Allowed I. Multiple choice /40 II. Long answer /60 TOTAL : /100 Read the instructions and the questions well before answering. Please write legibly.
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CCT100F Page 2 of 10 Continued on page I. MULTIPLE CHOICE [2 x 20 = 40 %] For each statement, select the correct option and report the letter beside the corresponding question number in the table on page four. 1. Cable services had to go digital in order to remain competitive in the 1990s because: a . “death star” direct broadcast satellites started broadcasting hundreds of channels to invividual homes. b. specialty channels were appearing in unusually high numbers. c. convergence was bringing about new devices. d. Internet media was still primarily analog. 2. Digital technologies process information in terms of a. waves of sound and light. b. base 10 numbers. c. random digits. d. ones and zeroes. 3. A local cable company wants to carry broadcast TV, cable channels, Internet and telephone service in one bundle. This is an example of: e. diversification. f. deregulation. g. monopoly. h. convergence. 4. AT&T was an early innovator in the modern radio industry because: a. the company perfected the radio transistor thanks to its extensive patent rights. b . the company used heavy advertising to pay for broadcasts and originated network broadcasting. c. the company used phone lines to deliver radio service to home subscribers. d. the company created the first radio station.
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