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CTTS Author (s): Billie Date: _4/02/2010 Version: __________ USE CASE NAME: Enter work record USE CASE TYPE USE CASE ID: Business Requirements: PRIORITY: High SOURCE: Requirement PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTOR: Technicians OTHER PARTICIPATING ACTORS: OTHER INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS: DESCRIPTION: This use-case describes the event of a technician entering work done relating to a service request, including time and billing. PRE-CONDITION: User must have previously logged on so that the system can identify technicians, management and clients. TRIGGER: User selects this option. TYPICAL COURSE Actor Action System Response OF EVENTS: Step 1 : Using this use case is initiated when a user selects the option to enter a work record. Step 2 : The system responds by displaying
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Unformatted text preview: a screen to enter the work record for a client. Step 3 : The user may request to enter more than one work record at a time. Step 4 : The system will verify that this user has the right to enter work records. This display should include an option for returning to the original list. ALTERNATE COURSES: CONCLUSION: This use case will conclude in 6 months. POST-CONDITION: A work record is recorded and if a technician is available there assigned to it. BUSINESS RULES The user has a right to enter a work record. IMPLEMENTATION CONTRAINTS AND SPECIFICATIONS This system will verify that the user has the right to enter a work record. ASSUMPTIONS: OPEN ISSUES:...
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