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enter new clients - Step 2 They system responds by...

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CTTS Author (s): _Donna Martinez Date: _04/03/10_________ Version: __________ USE CASE NAME: Enter New Clients USE CASE TYPE USE CASE ID: Business Requirements: PRIORITY: High SOURCE: Requirements PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTOR: Receptionist/Bookkeeper OTHER PARTICIPATING ACTORS: OTHER INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS: DESCRIPTION: This use case describes the event of entering in a new client. PRE-CONDITION: The user must have previously logged on so they system can identify you as technician, manager or client. TRIGGER: Use case is initiated when the user selects the option to enter a new client. TYPICAL COURSE Actor Action System Response OF EVENTS: Step 1 : Using this use case is initiated when the user selects the option to enter new clients.
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2 : They system responds by displaying a screen to enter the new client’s information. Step 3: The user may request to enter more than one client’s information. Step 4: The system will verify that the user has the right to enter new clients. The display should include an option for retuning to the original list. ALTERNATE COURSES: CONCLUSION: This use case will conclude in 6 months. POST-CONDITION: BUSINESS RULES • Internet security is highly important and needs to be implemented before any new clients can be entered. IMPLEMENTATION CONTRAINTS AND SPECIFICATIONS The system needs to have internet security in place before entering new clients. ASSUMPTIONS: OPEN ISSUES:...
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