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PROBLEM STATEMENT MATRIX PROJECT: Client Technology Tracking System PROJECT MANAGER: Donna Thornton CREATED BY: Billie Trevino LAST UPDATED BY: Billie Trevino DATE CREATED: 02/15/2010 DATE LAST UPDATED: 02/15/2010 Brief Statements of Problem, Opportunity, or Directive Urgency Visibility Annual Benefits Priority or Rank Proposed Solution 1. The current system doesn’t accurately track configuration information leading to wasted time for technicians and clients 6 months High $3,900.00 (1 problem a week @ 75.00) 1 New Development 2. Current system doesn’t accurately track installed
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Unformatted text preview: components leading to wasted and non-billable trips to customer’s place of business. 6 months Medium $3,900.00 (1 un-billable trip a week) 2 New Development 3. Proposed system could allow clients to enter service request online, saving receptionist time and providing more efficiency. 6 months High $5,200.00 5 hours a week x 52 weeks @ $20/ hr 3 New Development 4. Proposed system could also provide a customer history to allow for better service. 6 months Medium Unknown 4 New Development 5. 6....
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