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PROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS MATRIX Project: Computer Technology Tracking System Project Manager: Donna Thornton Created by: Billie Trevino Last Updated by: Billie Trevino Date Created: 02/15/2010 Date Last Updated: 02/15/2010 CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT OBJECTIVES Problem or Opportunity Causes and Effects System Objective System Constraint 1. The current system doesn’t ac- curately track configuration informa- tion, leading to wasted time for techni- cians and clients. 2. The current system doesn’t ac- curately track installed components, leading to wasted time and non-billable trips to the customer’s place of busi- ness. 3. The proposed system could al- low clients to enter service requests on- line, saving the receptionist time and providing more efficiency. 4. The proposed system could provide a customer history that could 1. Cause: Poor documentation in 3-ring binders is disorganized and incomplete. Cause: Binders are difficult to keep up to
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problems+opportunities+objectives+constraints_matrix -...

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