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David Zakutansky Dr. Ling 9/24/09 Amazon Case: Part B 1. The following explains what Amazon discusses in each of the fifteen sections of their Form 10-K. a. Item 1: Business The business section of the Form 10-K is a rather important aspect of Amazon’s financial report since is gives very detailed information about the firm, its history, top executives, etc. The business section describes the environment competes in and attempts to convey how it is attempting to position itself to make money. The business section also has two additional subsections of risk factors and unresolved staff comments. The former describes the most influential risk factors Amazon faces in its day to day operations ranging from its competition to the market it is involved in to internal factors that Amazon faces that could drastically affect the company. The latter item discusses no unresolved staff conflicts, but if there were some, this section would discuss them here. b. Item 2: Properties The properties section of the Form 10-K shows a table of various corporate, warehouse, and customer service facilities that are in use and leased by the company. Information such as square footage, where the facility has operating segments, and when the various leases expire are given. c. Item 3: Legal Proceedings The legal proceedings section of the 10-K point directly to the notes of the financial statements where legal proceedings the company faces that provide pertinent information for financial statement users are listed. The detailed list of legal proceedings and information about these proceedings can be listed in either location or in both. d. Item 4: Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders
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Item 4 discusses the items that have been submitted by the company for a vote of their shareholders during the particular quarter the financial report was published. In this particular quarter, Amazon has not submitted any issues to a vote by shareholders. e. Item 5: Market for the Registrant’s Common Stock, Related Shareholder Matters and Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities This section delves into a thorough explanation of Amazon’s stock. Information such as historical stock highs and lows, dividends, holders, and share repurchase programs are all highlighted in this section. f.
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amazon part b - David Zakutansky Dr. Ling 9/24/09 Amazon...

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