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AIS ch 10 hw - David Zakutansky Dr Mascha AIS Ch10 HW...

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David Zakutansky Dr. Mascha AIS- Ch10 HW 10/15/09 Problem 10.3 a. Shipping employees should fill out a form confirming acceptance of the product from the finished goods room. This procedure assigns responsibility to the proper people for the products that are being moved. b. A closed loop relational database should be used in third normal form. A verification process should also be performed so that the employee can confirm the customer number that he/ she actually typed in exists in the system. Most systems are online real-time systems that would allow employees to check their work right away. c. Credit records should be maintained online real time so that the employee taking the order can check customer credit before a sale is approved. d. A report that recognizes the return of the merchandise should be issued and retained to maintain the actual credits for sales returns. e. Separation of duties. If there are two different people responsible for the write off of the uncollectible account and handling collections on account it would be more difficult to steal money from the company.
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