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(3) a one-page essay of why you want to be in the AIM program and how this fits into your career plans Since trading my own stock portfolio in high school, I have always been interested in the financial markets and world. Upon learning about the AIM program in high school I decided that one of my biggest goals in college would be to complete training and experience the AIM program would offer. Marquette University’s AIM program is one of the most prestigious undergraduate finance programs across that
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Unformatted text preview: county and I want to be a part of this true learning experience. In regards to my career plans, I hope to become and investment banker in New York City upon graduation. AIM would fit perfectly into my future aspirations because it would provide me with the frame of analysis and new ways of thinking that would lead to success in my future career. AIM would provide me with the tools to learn in the investment world after graduation....
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