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Unformatted text preview: Beowulf Practice ICE Introduction What's great about Beowulf is the fact that the reader is allowed to experience several different versions of the text; all of which present a different view of the story. After reading translations done by Heaney, Donaldson, Gardener, and Raffel, I couldn't help but wonder why Donaldson showed so much sympathy toward Grendel. This passage got me to realize that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Grendel. Three examples I will present to defend this statement that Grendel is a misunderstood being are: Grendel has no one to care about him, no one has ever given Grendel a chance, and that his actions are only a way for him to lash out, back at a world that rejected him. 1. Grendel has difficulty finding friends, thus has no one to care about him. "...quick whispered plottings with invisible friends...." (Gardener, page 15, line 10). 2. Grendel's hideous appearance has prevented anyone from giving him a chance....
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