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Declaration of Independence - Declaration of Independence...

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Declaration of Independence Questions 1. According to the introductory paragraph, the purpose of the Declaration of Independence is to declare the causes which forced the thirteen United States of America to separate from England. 2. The Continental Congress hoped to sway France into supporting their decision to declare the United Colonies free of British rule. 3. A.) Jefferson states that the people, who live under a destructive government, have the right to abolish it and create a new one. B.) Jefferson says that the purpose of a government is to lay a foundation of principles and organize its powers so that it affects the people’s safety and happiness. C.) When a government fails to fulfill its purpose, it must be altered or abolished so that new system may take its place. 4. Jefferson’s philosophy on government can be summed up like this: A government should be a system that has laid a strong foundation of principles for society to establish on.
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