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Equipment and Experimental Procedure - ramp The person...

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Equipment and Experimental Procedure We began our experiment by first gathering all of our equipment. The equipment we used is as follows: Incline Ramp Track Car Logger Pro Program Motion Sensor with Cables Two Textbooks 1. First, we set up our ramp on an incline. We did this by placing one end of the ramp on top of two textbooks. 2. Next, we hooked up our motion sensor to Logger Pro using the cables provided. The motion sensor was placed on top of the ramp, aiming down so that it could capture all movements from the car. 3. Once our motion sensor was ready to go, we set our track car down at the bottom of the
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Unformatted text preview: ramp. The person holding the car was responsible for conducting the experiments. 4. While one person was controlling the track car, another was controlling Logger Pro. That person pushed “Collect” when our experiment was ready to begin. 5. When the “Collect” button was pushed, the person controlling the track car would do whatever was necessary in order for the experiment to be conducted. This involved letting the car roll down the ramp and also pushing the car up the ramp. 6. Once all experiments were completed, we printed off our collected data from Logger Pro....
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